Cal Washington

CEO, Co-Founder, and Notice of Liability Author

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InPower Is a Worldwide Movement

Securing Life, Liberty, and Property
For All Through Accountability

The InPower community is culturally, governmentally, and geographically diverse, but has a common bond: the need to have authority over one's health and home. Regardless of where you live in the world today, people have fewer choices when it comes to certain technology and services, and often have no choices when it comes to medical interventions with no recourse for bodily harm.




New Zealand

United Kingdom

Cal Washington

CEO and Co-Founder

Mary Steele


InPower Leadership

Answering the Call To Serve

Cal and Mary maintain the roles of CEO and President of InPower, and also serve on the board, alongside four other volunteer industry leaders. They provide daily guidance to volunteer staff, which comprises the support desk and community leaders in training.