Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are already using the Notice of Liability (NoL)?

Because we released the NoL as a free download, it is difficult to know exactly who, and how many people, are using the NoL. We simply have no way of knowing all the men and women who have committed to this process. When the automated document system is funded, we will be able to get a count, but even then, there may still be those who choose to engage in the process without letting us know.

We do know that we have been overwhelmed with the global interest in using the NoL process. We have been declining more media exposure because we could not effectively support the growing demand to use this revolutionary remedy. This is why we are asking for financial support to build secure, supporting infrastructure for this genuine people’s movement.

Much has been accomplished, but we have more work to do so that we can bring more men and women along. We have the numbers - we need the tools to create error free documents.

How is the NoL process different from other approaches to to remedy the “smart” grid problem or other causes?

The InPower’s Notice of Liability, also known as the Notice of Liability (NoL) process, is a mass-action of people protecting their rights and enforcing the individual liability of those who are causing or facilitating harm. It is a powerful lawful remedy that utilizes foundational laws and rules of commerce to turn the tables on the individuals who have been hiding behind corporations and governments as they inflict for-profit harm upon men, women and children.

The NoL is a comprehensive multi-round process, based upon sending a series of Notices — pre-written templates customized for each participant — which establish a framework for contractually-enforceable individual liability.

Over the past several years, we’ve seen other traditional legal approaches, complaints and appeals fail to achieve success thus far, as there appears to be an enormous level of systemic corruption and collusion involved. And, those causing the harm are simply ignoring complaints. In contrast, the NoL process enables participants to access and reclaim their full unalienable rights, and uses the corporate system’s own rules against them to enforce corporate and individual liability. For example, in the case of “smart” meters, utilities are essentially changing the terms of their service contracts with each customer, without full disclosure of facts. They are also using “implied consent” to assume a customer agrees — even if the customer says they do not but uses an “incorrect” method of communication.

Our Notice of Liability recognizes that a utility’s desire to install a “smart” meter is a contractual offer, for which, in a written Notice, we conditionally accept if they can disprove our affidavit (a document we verify as true), point-by-point, with an affidavit of their own. If they cannot do so, our affidavit and terms stand, and each Respondent* is individually subject to the terms of our conditional acceptance. These terms include a fee schedule of a dollar amount of your choosing (as you have the power to create terms), per day that they would be in violation of your terms. These amounts are binding, and subsequent document templates and plans for enforcement are in place. Respondents are unable to disprove the statements made in the NoL or the facts used in the affidavit because our facts are true and verifiable, whereas the propaganda they use is not.

The NoL process implements Contract Law, Common Law, Commercial Law (Uniform Commercial Code) and Law Merchant. It is multi-faceted and operates in multiple jurisdictions. The NoL is based upon a higher level of understanding of how this system has been created & operates.

* – Respondents are utility executives and government officials who are promoting (or not yet openly opposing) the “smart” meter agenda.

How much time will it take to move through the NoL process?

The NoL is a framework of grace and timing.  A highly motivated person can complete all 9 Rounds of the NoL in as short as 8 months.  However, in our experience, it usually takes longer, depending on various circumstances.

How much will it cost to go through the NoL process?

At this time, the NoL document template is available to use, free of charge, in certain countries. One only needs to print it out, complete it, make copies, pay for notary services, and postage (certified/registered mail services). Example United States Postal Service mailing: $1.30 postage (first class, up to 4 oz.) + $3.30 certified mailing fee + $1.35 for electronic delivery signature = $6.04 per recipient. Each Round should have 4 recipients, so $6.04 X 4 = $24.24 USD to mail one Round.

If the NoL is sent in a group who use the same respondents, then the cost can be reduced by using just one envelope per respondent, and listing all respondents on the Bill of Lading.

Who is the NoL for?

One must be at least 18 years of age to be a claimant or to witness for a claimant in this NoL process.  In the case of "smart" meters, the Notice of Liability is for those who either want "smart" meter(s) removed (or prevent installation) where they live; and/or who want be part of a greater solution that benefits humanity as a whole. If you are ready to engage in a solution that shifts your relationship with authority, and are willing to invest your own time and energy, then the NoL is for you.  This process does require some study.  We strongly recommend reading the NoL and reviewing our support materials for a deeper understanding of this process.

What types of causes can the NoL address?

The first set of documents were created specifically to address the ‘smart’ meter problem. These documents are being adapted for other countries across the globe. We also have other document sets which are nearly complete for vaccines and 5G. Our largest obstacle at this point is funding and manpower. We desperately need funds to build an automated system that will significantly reduce document errors and server our global community. Please consider giving a financial gift to make this happen faster.

Does it matter where I live when utilizing the NoL?

No, it does not matter where you live.  Anyone of legal age and of sound mind has the right to contract.  The Notice of Liability (NoL) process is rooted in our individual right and power to negotiate contracts.

The organization and individuals seeking to change their contract with you, must have your consent to that contractual change.  If you do not respond to their "offer," you have tacitly consented and are then bound by the new contract.

For example, in the NoL for "smart" meters, the company offers you a "smart" meter by giving notice.  That notice could be a letter, a flyer included with your bill, a newspaper article discussing the wonderful new technology that will allow you to see how much power you are using day to day, or a notice/discussion of the technology on the company's website.

Please also note that the Notice of Liability is specific to each country.  At this time, the NoL is not available in all countries.  We are looking for volunteers to form research teams to assist us in adapting the NoL for their country.

Can I modify the NoL?

It is not recommended, as the Notice of Liability (NoL) document set has been put forth as a whole, and making changes may cause unintended harm to your rights or standing. The body of these documents is not designed to be altered, except for the fields (i.e. blank lines) indentified for customization. Should you alter the body of any document, we will not be in a position to provide any support to your process. Considerable education is needed before attempting to alter these documents, and you do so at your own risk.

How can I start using the NoL?

You've gotten a glimpse of the world-changing potential of the NoL -- wonderful!  To roll up your sleeves and begin, you want to create an account on our support site and read the Notice of Liability document and guides.  Read them and read through them again.  Take your time and really consider every word put forth.  Allow it to really sink in.  As you sow your time and energy into these truths, you will come to walk in the fullness of authority that is actually, already yours.  This exhilarating experience is even better when shared with others.  Something really amazing happens when people come together, discuss, help and grow together.

We encourage you to create an account on our support site, gain access to the document, guides, and knowledge base.  There is also information on group mailings.  If you can work in a group, you can share knowledge, resources, and support each other.

We have found that a group of people can meet, complete their NoLs, and share a hired notary (if using one) -- all of which make things easier.  Also, witnessing of the documents is easier in a group.  Often two individuals (even ones not doing a NoL themselves) can witness for everyone in the group.

Is there support as I go through the NoL process?

Support is available through our self-serve knowledge base. If you do not find your answer there, we have an email support system run by volunteers who have been through the process themselves. We have found that moving through the NoL process with a group of others is very helpful, and carries the added benefits of friends co-laboring together, shared knowledge and resources (witnesses, notaries), and reduced mailing costs. 

We also have some volunteers who have successfully led groups through the NoL process that can assist newly forming groups.

Please note that we are all volunteers and have limited resources at the moment.  

We do our best to answer inquires as quickly as possible. We do want to expand the help desk, and your financial gift can help us to do that.

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